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Photoshop World of Filters - about 2000 Filters / Datenbank mit 2000 Filter

If you use Adobe Photoshop, or any other bitmap-edition software which is able to use Photoshop-compatible plugins, you may already be a plugin addict. As you know there are so many available plugins, including many free ones, that having them organised can be a serious issue. Not to mention remembering what you can actually do with each filter. A website like Grafnet is very helpful for this: they have a comprehensive list of plugins, and you can see the results of each one in a sample image.
GRAFNET offers only filters descriptions not the plugins themselves but you can see here above twothousand filters in action!

Die großartige Filter-Datenbank von GRAFNET zeigt von über 2000 Photoshop Filtern die jeweilige Filteranwendung einzeln als Vorschau.

Es werden diverse Filter vorgestellt, wie z.B. Eyecandy, Xero, Photomatik, Gallery Effects, KPT, Nils Filters, Rosenmann, Screen Works und viel viel mehr...

Eine tolle mühevoll erarbeitete Filter Datenbank.
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