Beta Photoshop CS2 Camera Raw Plugin 3.3

The Version of Camera Raw 3.3 is out. The beta period for version 3.3 has now been endet. The official release has been posted on Adobe's download servers. Download at Adobe.com
17 new cameras has been added since version 3.2. The Camera Raw 3.3 Read Me contains additional information about the changes.

Die Betaphase ist inzwischen beendet. Man kann bei Adobe jetzt die neue Version des Camera Raw 3.3 Plugins für Photoshop CS2 runterladen. Das Plugin ist für weitere 17 neue Kameramodelle seit Version 3.2 und ist auch für Photoshop Elements 3 und 4 gedacht.


New Picture Software from Microsoft - MSR Group Shot

MSR Group Shot helps you create a perfect group photo out a series of group photos. With Group Shot you can select your favorite parts in each shot of the series and Group Shot will automatically build a composite image.
It creates a composite image from a series of photos. The photos must be of the same scene, taken from the same point of view within a short period of time. The application uses regions that you indicate to build a composite image automatically.

Systen Requirements: Windows XP. You can download the Programm
at Research Microsoft.com.
For more information about the technology behind Group Shot, please see the Helpfile.

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